I am passionate about teaching and strive to be an inspiring teacher. I believe that the classroom and research inform and motivate each other. My goal in teaching is not only to pass on managerial knowledge, but also to guide students to think critically and enable them to become more effective team members and leaders.
I have taught a core undergraduate-level Management and Organization course covering topics in organizational behavior and strategy at NYU Stern (class size: 44 students; instructor rating 6.3 out of 7.0).  
Sample syllabus
I was very pleased and encouraged by my very favorable course evaluations from this first experience as a lead instructor. Students have described me as a helpful, caring and knowledgeable instructor. Here are a few sample student comments from my course evaluations:
  • “I think Siyu is a really good instructor. She is considerate, humorous, and charismatic.”

  • “I love how the professor is passionate, knowledgeable, structured, and prepared about what she was talking about. There is not a moment in this course in which I was bored. I actually might pursue a management concentration after this course because it gave me so much insight into the field of management.”

  • “I think the classes were very engaging and informative - the mix of the types of media in your presentation (lecture/videos/discussions/etc.) was great and kept me motivated even through 4-hour classes.”

  • “I greatly enjoyed the class; it is the first class that I actually enjoyed personally. I met some new people made some new friends and the discussion base on personal experience really opened my eyes to different industries.”

  • “The course is very organized, and the demonstration of concepts is very clear, there is a clear schedule for work and the professor encourages interaction.”

  • “I really liked the class culture and activities we did. They were a good way to get involved into the content.”

  • “You performed psychological experiments on the class to show the psychological effect first hand before even discussing the effect. These, I thought, were very engaging.”

  • “I loved the participation aspect of the class - everyone was very motivated to learn and to offer what they knew to the rest of the class. The professor was also able to mediate this very well to optimize how much discussion would add to our learning.”

  • “The things I loved about the course was how interactive the sessions were. During each class, I had my full attention towards the content being taught and I think holding my attention on a consistent level is a true testament to the likability of this course!”